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Download Instructions

A Windows version of Mendel's Accountant can be downloaded here (, or by using the link below. When the page loads, simply click the green download button. If “Downloading” appears on the screen but the download does not appear to be proceeding – click “this direct link” which is shown in blue. Once downloaded, unzip the file and double click the program file that says "start server" and your internet browser will automatically open the program and you can begin your own MENDEL runs. (Note: If the program does not open when you double click on the "start server" file, then hit the "option" button on your key pad while simltaneously clicking your mouse on the "start server" file. A small window will pop up. Select "open" and the program will run in your browser.)

Download Mendel's Accountant for Windows here: Mendelv2.5.1

Download the user manual here.

Download instructions for waiting time experiments here.




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